About Doi Maesalong

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About Doi Maesalong

Years ago, Doi Maesalong started from being a community of Chinese military from Kuomintang Party. But now, it is an important tourist attraction of Chiang Rai and the living area of Chinese-Yunnan people. The ethnic group has been living in the area for a very long time, until their village has got the name ‘Santi Keeree Village’.

Doi Mae Salong is a high mountain area. It is 1,200 metres higher than the sea level. Therefore you will see the stunning scenery all time. You can see houses and valleys from a great distance. Moreover, the weather around there is mostly cold.

Doi Mae Salong is well known for ‘Oolong growing’. The villagers at Doi Mae Salong grow Oolong tea to support their lives. Oolong tea is a kind of Chinese tea.

Therefore, if you visit Doi Mae Salong, the activity that you can not miss is ‘Oolong tea tasting’, at least a small cup of it.

Tea Culture

There are dozens of tea shops at Doi Mae Salong. All cups of tea are guaranteed to be fresh and has each producers’ unique aromas.

Beside of tea drinking, you will also have a chance of learning about tea growing or tea making. On top of that, you can even visit their tea fields, which are millions square metres large and consists of millions tea trees.


Apart from Oolong tea tasting, there is a Sinakarintra Stit Mahasantikhiri Pagoda, located on the top of the mountain, about 1,500 metres higher than Santi Keeree Village. The pagoda is decorated in Lanna contemporary style. It was built in the year 1996, in order to be bestowed upon Princess Srinagarindra, the royal mother of King Bhumibol.

Another attraction of Doi Maesalong is Nang Phaya Sue Khrong trees or also known as Thai Sakura, you can see many shades of pink flower blooming away at the entrance of Santi Keeree Village during winter.

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